Reflections areĀ  all about the mosaic of experiences that Katherine is piecing together for her book on inclusiveness in international politics, much like a patchwork quilt of scattered images that are linked together to portray a common theme. This preliminary phase offers a glimpse into the collection of lessons learnedĀ  from the strikingly diverse segments of Katherine’s professional career.

Elective Politics and Long-Lasting People Networks
The Campaign Team 40 Years Later
The Reach of the White House Fellowships
White House Fellows 1979
The Role of Public Policy in the Corporate World
Katherine making calls for a negotiating session with a multi-stakeholder coalition
International Organizations Delivering Norms, Information and Capacity
Katherine Greeting French President Jacques Chirac at the International Labor Conference
Learning about Entrepreneurship and Civil Society Activism
Drafting the Statutes of the Global Social Observatory with Brewster Grace and Others


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