With over 35 years of experience in international affairs, Katherine hosts a global social observatory for dialogue and reflection on global social issues from a multi-stakeholder perspective. Read more about Katherine here.

  • Commentaries

The main feature of this website is the opportunity to post commentaries by Katherine and others on cross-cutting issues from a global multi-stakeholder perspective. See a directory of recent Global Commentaries here.

  • Archives

As a leader on multi-stakeholder collaboration, Katherine has years of experience working with diverse stakeholders from government, civil society and the private sector.  See the outputs  of collaborative efforts through the Global Social Observatory  (GSO), Hagen Resources International (HRI) and the Council for Multi-stakeholder and Multi-sectoral Diplomacy (CMMD) in the Archives section.

  • Tools

A collection of tools to facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration can be found here. Katherine works with stakeholder groups to improve partnering strategies and inclusive engagement for multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.

  • Gallery

See photo collections from Katherine’s work with multi-stakeholder teams here.

  • Musings

Katherine welcomes a more local and personal perspective in the Musings section, with an emphasis on the French Riviera but also including personal reflections from other parts of the world.   See them here.

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