Matisse, Picasso and Villa Ndio

The Cote d’Azur conjures up images of brilliant sunshine, shimmering azure-blue seas, fields of lavender, vineyards and olive trees, cream-coloured villas with red-tiled roofs, and museums filled with the works of famed impressionist and twentieth century artists. Our first exposure to the Riviera was through what we called the “Matisse Room”, the guest bedroom on the top floor of a modest but very charming villa called “Lou Baguié”. But first impressions were also permeated by the visions of Monet and Manet, Cézanne and Renoir, Leger and Gauguin and Van Gogh, and ultimately, too, of Picasso. These impressions have influenced how we have incorporated our worldly possessions from a “globally nomadic life” into a uniquely Provençal environment.

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Celebrating Lucy at 50

Wishing Lucy Howe-Lopez our best wishes as she celebrates a half centenary! Ralph and I were pleased to welcome Lucy into the HRI/CMBD/GSO orbit at a crucial time in these inter-related endeavours. She joined us at Rue de Vermont through the serendipitous good graces of our mutual friend Virginia Leary.

Lucy became a significant support for these three entities. This included basic office oversight of our many interns and basic administrative responsibilities to keep everything well organized.

At a  pivotal moment, she helped move everything to our new quarters on the Route de Ferney. The new setting gave us a well functioning meeting room.

Some of our meetings remained off site, but we used the meeting room for both GSO and CMBD meetings.

Lucy was a crucial member of the team, welcoming speakers and active members of both GSO and CMBD. She was a diligent note-taker at the many meetings that were the heart of both CMBD and GSO.

Throughout her time with us, she was ever cheerful and a dear friend.

And as Lucy advanced in her career with expanded responsibilities at Globethics.ned, we remained ever grateful to her for her time with us – and for her continuing support of GSO and CMBD (renamed CMMD) as a welcome member,  participant and friend.

Congratulations, Lucy, for a superb first 50 – and our warmest best wishes for another 50!